Cigar Dave Show

The Cigar Dave Show

Sat.: 6 p.m. - 8 p.m.

The acclaimed nationally syndicated radio program was first broadcast in July 1995 with one hour on WSUN Radio in the Cigar City of Tampa, Florida.

The show became an instant hit with his cadre of listeners known as "Cigar Lieutenants." Because of its popularity, the program soon expanded to two hours and began national syndication in December 1995.

From his opening greeting of "Long Ashes" to the national cigar lightation ceremony to presenting the latest cigar news and information, Cigar Dave presides over the world's largest cigar club that meets via the airwaves and the Internet with high doses of energy and enthusiasm.

Always truthful and politically incorrect, the General also leads the battle against America's self-anointed pleasure police. In addition to cigars, you might find The General discussing fine dining, espresso coffee, business/casual attire, sports and more.