This is Our Normal: Overcoming the Opioid Epidemic

Nevada's Morning News
Wednesday, July 3rd
There’s been a marked uptick in so-called deaths of despair—those involving drugs, alcohol or suicide—among millennials over the last decade, according to a new report released by public-health groups Trust for America’s Health and Well Being Trust.

The opioid epidemic has taken its toll among many Americans, but it is most devastating among the millennial generation. The U.S. is the most wealthiest country in the world, and is the center for medical innovation and technology, yet because of this outbreak of drug-related deaths, America can’t keep it’s youth a-live. 

In order to better understand this issue, Colton Salaz from Nevada's Morning News sat down with the cast of the innovative podcast, "This is Our Normal" to talk about the disease of addiction, and how it has impacted millennials. Host Saul Jones, Co-host Brian Hood and Producer Joel Cowen drove out to Las Vegas from California to talk about this issue.