Winter Weather Advisory For Las Vegas Valley Through Friday Morning

Drivers Encouraged To Drive Carefully On Wet Or Icy Roads

February 21, 2019 - 2:50 pm

LAS VEGAS (KXNT) - Clark County is urging motorists to exercise extreme caution while driving in the winter weather that is expected to continue in the Las Vegas Valley through early Friday morning.

The Las Vegas office of the National Weather Service says as much as 7 inches of snow has fallen in the western regions of the Las Vegas Valley and 2 feet in areas of the Spring Mountains National Recreation area. For weather information, go to the National Weather Service’s website at and click on the map for Southern Nevada.  A mix of more rain and snow is expected in the Las Vegas Valley tonight when the temperatures drop. Officials recommend that residents avoid unnecessary travel while snow is on the roadways. If you must drive, remember that streets are slick and consider these tips:

*Use extreme caution while driving in ice or snow.

*Drive slowly and allow for greater braking distances.

*Accelerate and brake gradually.

*Warm the car up before leaving.

*Always take the time to clean off snow and ice from vehicle windows to increase visibility.

*If coming from remote areas, drive with a full tank of gas and a cell phone. Also carry blankets, water, and sustainable food.

“We aren’t used to winter weather in our region, so it’s a good time to remind our residents to keep some safety tips in mind when it comes to adjusting to cold weather and venturing into the mountains if there’s snow,” said Clark County Fire Chief Greg Cassell.   Additional suggestions include:

*Stay tuned to local TV or radio stations or NOAA Weather Radio for weather information.

*When outside in cold temperatures, dress to stay dry and to protect yourself from frostbite and hypothermia. Wear warm, loose-fitting, lightweight clothing in layers. Outer garments should be tightly-woven, water repellent and have a hood.

*Protect pipes from freezing by:

*Wrapping pipes in insulation or layers of newspaper and then covering them with plastic to keep out moisture.

*Letting faucets drip a little.

*Operate space heaters according to manufacturer’s guidelines.

*Never use gas appliances such as ranges, ovens, or clothes dryers to heat your home.

*Never use a portable generator in an enclosed or partially enclosed space, including inside your home, garage, basement, or crawl space – even in areas with ventilation.

*Always locate portable generators outdoors away from doors, windows and vents that could allow carbon monoxide (CO) to come indoors.

*If planning to visit the Mount Charleston area, real-time road condition information can be obtained from the Nevada Department of Transportation’s website at and visitors can also call 511 for information on road conditions and closures.

*Please observe and comply with highway reader boards and flashing signs on State Routes 156 (Lee Canyon) and 157 (Kyle Canyon) when they indicate that you must have four-wheel drive and snow tires or tire chains in order to proceed up the mountain.  Failure to comply will result in unsafe driving conditions and may result in accidents, stuck vehicles, and citations issued by law enforcement.

*Visit the website for more information about weather updates and snow play tips in the Spring Mountains. Information about the Lee Canyon Ski Area is available on its website