Art Bell

Radio Host Art Bell Dies in Pahrump at 72

An Autopsy Will Determine the Former Host's Official Cause of Death

April 14, 2018 - 1:51 am

PAHRUMP, Nev. (KXNT) - Art Bell, best known as the host of the conspiracy and paranormally-themed nationally syndicated "Coast to Coast AM" radio show during the 1990s, died at his home in Pahrump Friday, Nye County officials reported.

Nye County Sheriff Sharon Wehrly made the announcement in a video posted to the sheriff's department Facebook page Friday.

Wehrly said an autopsy would be conducted in the next few days to determine the exact cause of Bell's death. Bell was 72 years old.

After the show's founding in 1988 and throughout the 1990's, Bell broadcast the "Coast to Coast AM" program from his station KNYE 95.1 FM in Pahrump. The show was syndicated to nearly 500 radio stations, reaching 10 to 15 million listeners each week.

The overnight program was a sensation among fans of the paranormal as Bell regularly featured guests and spoke with listeners on a variety of supernatural topics, including UFOs, ghosts, remote viewing and near-death experiences. The show, now hosted by George Noory, continues to be broadcast on hundreds of stations worldwide, including KXNT.

Bell abruptly retired from the program in 2003, but returned in regular and semi-regular capacities before leaving the program for good in 2010. Bell returned to host similarly-themed programs on XM Radio and online outlets before his final broadcast in 2015.