OSHA issues fines for non-compliance with COVID-19 mandates

2 Southern Nevada businesses get hit in the wallet

Mitch Kelly
September 22, 2020 - 5:22 am
Bag of money with a dollar sign and a judge's hammer on the scales.

Andrii Yalanskyi/Getty Images


LAS VEGAS, NV (KXNT) - Two southern Nevada businesses were hit with fines Monday for violations of COVID-19 guidelines set for by Governor Steve Sisolak.

Gilley's Saloon and Dance Hall inside TI was fined just over $6,000. According to the Nevada OSHA, violations included the bar top not being closed as required, with customers eating and drinking at the bar.

The Viva el Taco Maxican restaurant at Lake Mead and Hollywood was hit with a fine of just over $3,000. OSHA said employees were wearing face covering but their noses weren't covered.

Both violations were due to customer complaints.

Nevada OSHA has issued 39 citations since the face covering mandate went into effect and the compliance observation process began. 

Since observations began in late-June to determine compliance with mandated health and safety measures under the Governor’s Declaration of Emergency Directive 024 and Nevada OSHA’s Guidance for Roadmap to Recovery, DIR officials have conducted 8,148 initial visits at business establishments finding a cumulative 88.5 percent statewide compliance rate, a 90 percent compliance rate in northern Nevada and 87 percent compliance in southern Nevada. 

During the week beginning September 14, officials conducted 408 initial visits across the state at a wide range of business sectors finding an 88 percent compliance rate statewide. 

Cities with compliance rates below the statewide average of 88 percent last week include: 

Fallon- 65 percent

Las Vegas- 74 percent

Reno- 86 percent

Henderson and Winnemucca each had a 100 percent initial observed compliance last week. 

Initial compliance rates for business sectors across the state (where 20 or more observations were conducted) during the week beginning September 14 include:

Other- 67 percent

General Retail- 88 percent

Hair/ Nail/ Tattoo Salons- 86 percent

Automobile Sales/ Service- 90 percent

Medical- 90 percent

Financial Institutions- 91 percent

Restaurants- 94 percent