Las Vegas Returning To Twice A Week Park Cleaning

Lack Of Supplies, Disinfectant Reason For Scale Back

Mitch Kelly
March 27, 2020 - 6:43 am
City of Las Vegas operations and maintenance staff worker Denis Connelly pressure washes playground equipment at Centennial Hills Park as part of an effort to keep the city's 70 parks open for the public during the coronavirus pandemic on March 25, 2020 i

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

LAS VEAS, NV (KXNT) - Due to a nationwide shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) and disinfectant, the city of Las Vegas is amending its plan to clean and disinfect the high-touch areas and restrooms at the 70 city parks.

The protective gear and disinfectant will be conserved for first responders and for other more vital needs. The community currently is encountering a shortage of these items.

The parks will remain open, but the city will resume normal cleaning that takes place twice a week. Restrooms also will remain open so people can wash their hands, but the city is discouraging the use of high-touch areas (playgrounds) and park equipment. Also, signs are being posted to stress the importance of social distancing, with six feet between people, and groups of less than 10 persons.

Park users also may want to bring hand sanitizer and/or disinfecting wipes if they touch surfaces also used by other people.

Before the decision to scale back, the city had been disinfecting parks twice daily, using 20 ten-person teams to do the job