Life Jacket Loaner Stations Now Available At Boulder Beach

All Sizes Available With Instructions Provided

Mitch Kelly
July 06, 2020 - 5:58 am
Life Jacket Stations Open at Lake Mead

Lake Mead National Recreation Area


BOULDER CITY, Nevada – Three new life jacket loaner stations were installed at Lake Mead just in time for the 4th of July Weekend.

“We have life jacket loaner stations at our beaches to help save lives,” said Superintendent Margaret L. Goodro. “Please make sure your kids have life jackets on and adults too. Winds and waves can pick up quickly and make it difficult even for the strongest swimmer.”

The new stations will be spread out along the Boulder Beach area including Special Events Beach and Canoe/Kayak Beach. The stations are stocked with life jackets available in sizes infant to adult. Instructions are posted on site, explaining how to choose the correct size and proper wear. Visitors can borrow a life jacket at no cost to use during the day and return it before they leave.

The park’s official partner, Get Outdoors Nevada, Love Lake Mead campaign helps to provide lifejackets to stock the life jacket loaner stations.