County Launches Effort To Boost Adoptions

County Partnering With Adoption Exchange To Enhance Recruitment

Mitch Kelly
November 11, 2019 - 7:03 am

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LAS VEGAS, NV (KXNT) - The County Department of Family Services is launching a new effort to find adoptive families for children in challenging situations.

The County is partnering with The Adoption Exchange to enhance recruitment efforts and provide pre- and post-adoption training and support to interested parents. During the next 12 months the program is expected to help about 70 children, many of whom are teens, some of whom are in large sibling groups, and some of whom have special medical needs.

“Every child deserves a family and a home,” Commission Vice Chairman Lawrence Weekly said. “This program will help us fulfil that promise to all the children in our care.”

“As an adoptive parent myself, I know the joy and love that comes with bringing a child into your family,” Commissioner Justin Jones said. “I encourage anyone who may be interested in adoption to reach out to us and learn more about this great opportunity.”

“Our goal is to find a home for every child who needs one,” Commissioner Michael Naft said. “This effort will help us achieve that goal and give the new and expanded families the support they need to be successful.”

Anyone considering adopting a child should go to, email, or call (702) 455-0800 for more information about this program and the children we are trying to connect with adoptive parents.

Every year about 500 children under the County Department of Family Services’ supervision are adopted. Today, there are about 100 children living in foster care that need an adoptive home.

Through this new effort, recruiters with The Adoption Exchange will focus on finding adoptive homes for older children, children in sibling groups of three or more, and children with special medical needs. They are expected to help about 70 children during the next year.

The Adoption Exchange (TAE) was founded in 1983 by child welfare advocates seeking to fill a substantial void in the child welfare system and to help build permanent connections between caregivers and children. Its mission is to connect youth waiting in foster care with the adults who become stable forces in their lives, and to support those relationships so that they last for a lifetime. TAE’s work has evolved significantly over the last 36 years: initially, TAE sought to simply connect potential permanent caregivers with available children, but now the organization’s intensive recruitment services and long-term wraparound support services, such as trainings and education around trauma-informed care, combine to meet the organization’s goal: ending the cycle of abuse and neglect for foster children by creating long-term success for families.