CCSD releases findings of Superintendent’s listening tour

Additional community input welcomed through November

Mitch Kelly
November 23, 2020 - 4:24 am
Jesus Jara

Las Vegas, NV (KXNT)- Clark County School District Superintendent Dr. Jesus Jara held a series of listening sessions with the goal of emerging from the nationwide educational crisis as a stronger and more equitable home for the District’s 305,000 students and 42,000 employees. 

The seven, hour-long sessions, held between Oct. 19 and Nov. 5, 2020, were dedicated to ensure that all voices were heard. 

With the live listening sessions completed, community members are invited to comment on the findings of the 13-page After-Action Report that can be found by clicking here.  

Now through Nov. 30, CCSD will be accepting comments from the public via email at This will allow additional voices to be heard, with as many viewpoints as possible included as part of the listening tour’s final, published conclusions.

“These insights are invaluable,” Dr. Jara said. “The sessions have effectively made it possible for us to reconnect with our families and our community. These conversations have been an opportunity to create an environment of understanding, which is essential to our District’s success.”

Each online session featured an expert facilitator to gather viewpoints and focus the discussion. These sessions were designed to create open dialogue, providing a forum for families, government leaders and other local leaders to engage directly with the Superintendent, expressing both concerns about and praise for the District. 

Dr. Jara spoke at each meeting, and then listened as groups discussed the benefits and disadvantages of distance education’s implementation throughout the District, and the experiences of many students, parents, support professionals, administrators and teachers amid a semester of home instruction. 

The insights are being incorporated into the updated transitional plan that will potentially be presented to the Board of School Trustees in early January 2021 for their consideration. 

All input is welcomed in the written comments, but common themes of the listening sessions included:

 -What can CCSD do to ensure that there is every opportunity for students’ voices to be heard?

 - How can CCSD best support you and your family and meet goals from an educational perspective? 

 - How has student engagement evolved and/or changed since the school year started?

 - What challenges have you faced during distance education?

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