Boulder City Beware: Scammers On The Prowl

Calls To Buy Gift Cards Appear To Be Coming From The BCPD

Mitch Kelly
June 05, 2020 - 5:40 am
Senior woman giving credit card info over the phone

Daisy-Daisy/Getty Images


BOULDER CITY – The Boulder City Police Department says several alert residents called them about an elaborate con.

They received calls from a person claiming to be a police officer. The caller threatens them with arrest if they don’t buy gift cards to pay bail or “diplomatic bail.” The Police Department NEVER calls citizens and requests payment or gift cards for bail or to give someone amnesty from being arrested. This is not a new scam, but it is making rounds in Boulder City today.

The crooks use a “spoof” to make the call appear to originate from BCPD on caller ID or cell phones. They provide a name and badge number before threatening arrest. 

“This particular scam is so sophisticated, the call looks like it originated from the agency’s phone number,” said City Manager Al Noyola. “These scams often prey on the elderly. Be sure you share this information with family, friends and neighbors who could be victims of such scams.”

If you receive a call asking for money, do not provide any personal information to the caller. “Just hang up on the caller immediately, as the callers will sometimes try to keep you on the phone in an effort to convince you to get gift cards,” said Chief Tim Shea. “You can report it using the Boulder City Police Department online reporting form. Unfortunately, finding these thieves is usually pretty difficult, especially as many are committing the crime from outside the U.S.”

To file a report online, go to this website: