Two Dead In Separate Road-Rage Incidents

No Charges Have Been Filed In Either Case

Mitch Kelly
May 08, 2020 - 6:03 am

Photo Courtesy: USA Today


LAS VEGAS, NV (NV) - A pair of road rage shootings two hours apart left two men dead Thursday.

The first shooting happened near Jean just before 6pm.

According to Nevada Highway Patrol, they received a call from a person who said they were being chased on I-15 by a person in a black Ford F-150 who brandished a firearm .

Both vehicles exited the freeway and went to the NHP's Jean susbstation parking lot.

Invistigators then say that the driver of the F-150 got out of his truck and showed a weapon. Two troopers were outside at the time and fired on the man, killing him.

The second incident occured near Allegiant Stadium around 8pm.

According to investigators, a pair of drivers got involved in a verbal altercation after one cut the other off. They took the Russell exit from 15 South and pulled over.

Police say that one of the drivers got out of their car with a gun and approached the second car. The driver of that second car also had a gun and fired on the first driver several times, killing him.

Charges have yet to be filed in either case as the investigations continue.