Layoffs, Furloughs Coming To Several Strip Properties

Job Losses Rise As Visitation Sees Drop

Mitch Kelly
July 23, 2020 - 6:56 am

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

LAS VEGAS, NV (KXNT) - The words "furloughs and "layoffs" were said an awful lot on the Strip Wednesday.

The Wynn announced to an unknown number of staff that they would be furloughed. Those employees will continue to receive health benefits through the end of October.

Circus Circus announced possible layoffs as visitation hasn’t kept up with staffing levels.. The estimated number of layoffs is just over 250.

Lastly, the Tropicana says it will be laying off over 600 workers by October. In a letter to employees, the company states that the layoffs "are the unfortunate result of COVID-19 related business circumstances that were sudden, dramatic and beyond our control,"

More bad news- not completely unexpected- comes from Las Vegas Sands, who reported a net revenue drop of more than 97% during its second quarter as the company weathered the shutdown of its properties amid the coronavirus outbreak.

The company generated 98 million dollars in April, May and June. By comparison, over the same quarter in 2019, the company generated 3.3 billion