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Las Vegas Locals May Finally Be Warming Up To Paid Strip Parking

Majority Still Say Parking Fees Make Them Avoid REsorts

May 17, 2019 - 8:55 am

Las Vegas locals may finally be warming up to the idea of paying for parking on the Strip, but it's a slow thaw.

A new study by the Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance shows that compared to last year, the thought of paying for parking at a Strip resort garage is less of a deterrent to visiting a property this year than last.

A survey done last year showed that 66 of respondants said they were less likely to head down to the Strip because of the pay for parking aspect. This year, that percentage has dropped to just over 53 percent. 11 percent of those asked said that they avoid the Strip altogehter.

Parking fees at Strip resorts are seen as a partial factor in the growth of ride hailing companies locally, with many locals saying they'd just as soon take an Uber or Lyft to the Strip as opposed to having to deal with all the congestion of getting to their destination and then having pay to park on top of it

Recently Wynn Resorts announced that it was doing away with paid self-parking at its Wynn and Encore Resorts, but so far, no other casino companies that charge for parking are following that lead