K-12 Schools In Nevada Allowed To Reopen For The Summer

Governor's Directive Also Allows School Athletic Facilities To Unlock Gates

Paul Ihander
June 09, 2020 - 4:39 pm

Governor Steve Sisolak Tuesday signed a directive allowing local school districts, charter schools, and private schools to immediately reopen for summer learning and activities while implementing the Phase 2 protocols designed to keep students, staff, families, and communities safe.

The directive and accompanying guidance come just in time for summer school but cover a wide range of topics. The guidance provides support for districts and schools to make local decisions regarding re-opening facilities, offering in-person instruction, and hosting meetings and events under the proper social distancing protocols. Districts and schools may offer summer learning opportunities through distance education, in-person instruction, or a combination of both. In the interest of the health and safety of local communities, districts and schools may continue to keep school facilities closed to students, staff, parents, guardians, and/or the public at their discretion.

“For the last three months, our students, families and educators demonstrated tremendous flexibility and resiliency when asked to stay at home and switch to distance learning to flatten the COVID-19 infection rate curve. I know this hasn’t been easy, but I’m proud Nevadans took this seriously,” Gov. Sisolak said. “This directive will allow schools to return to a sense of normalcy while keeping the health and safety of students and staff at the forefront."

The Directive requires districts, charter schools, and private schools to develop plans for reopening school facilities for the 2020-2021 school year based on Nevada’s Path Forward: A Framework for a Safe, Efficient, and Equitable Return to School Buildings or Framework. It also requires districts and schools to communicate their locally developed plans to their school community, including parents and staff. Districts and schools must present their plans to their governing body for approval in a public meeting at least 20 days before the first day of the 2020-2021 school year.

The NIAA issued a statement Tuesday, supplementing the Governor's director, stating school athletic fields and facilities may reopen.  It will be up to individual districts to determine when it is safe for facilities to resume play.