"Hey Reb" Statue Taken Down At UNLV

University President Says Future Of School Mascot Under Review

Paul Ihander
June 16, 2020 - 8:07 pm
Hey Reb Mascot

Getty Images


The "Hey Reb" statue in front of the Richard Tam Alumni Center on the UNLV campus is gone. 

According to a letter from university President Marta Meana sent to the students and the UNLV community Tuesday night, she had conversations with the statue's donor and came to a mutual agreement to remove the statue and return it.   

Nevada Current journalist Michael Lyle captured video of the statue being removed.

Meana says she's had discussions in the past few months about how best the campus can move forward given recent events in the nation. 

She says those talks include the future of the university mascot, but gave no specifics on actions or timeline.