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Henderson Approves The Use Of Short-Term Rental Properties

Annual Registration Fee Will Generate Big Money For The City

July 17, 2019 - 8:25 am

LAS VEGAS, NV (KXNT) - The Henderson City Council has approved the use of short term rental properties, going against the grain of most other southern Nevada communities. 

The city council's approval at Wednesday night's meeting was unanimous. Current rules in Henderson allow for short term rentals in what are called "commercial tourist zoning areas", but Tuesday's vote broadens that.

The council realized that revenue could be made from allowing homeowners to rent out their properties, installing a yearly registration fee of $820, which is expected to generate close to $400,000 a year. 

The city will require a minimum two-night stay as part of the changes. Owners will also be required to take a class, pay for insurance and provide a note to the city saying the rental does not violate homeowners association rules. State-licensed property managers are exempt from the class.

Properties couldn't be rented for special events, including weddings. 

The new rules will begin in mid-October