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CCSD Board Tables Fate Of Deans

Matter Will Be Argued Before A Judge Next Month

July 12, 2019 - 6:27 am

LAS VEGAS, NV (KXNT) - The contentious issue over how to fix a $17 million shortfall in the budget was again front and center at a well-attended meeting of the Clark County School Board's Board of Trustees on Thursday night.

Earlier this year, Superintendent Jesus Jara announced that 170 middle and high school deans would be let go in a cost-cutting move that addressed the budget shortfall. That move was met with an outcry from not just parents, but from the union the represents the deans. They claim that Jara violated the state's open meeting law by firing the deans as he did, a charge that Jara denies.

Thursday meeting once again had a lot of talk on the matter, but eventually no action. A statement released by Jara after the meeting read,

“We had hoped to end the evening with a final determination so that the progress toward balancing the budget can continue, but I am absolutely open to continuing the discussion to find a pathway that is comfortable for all parties. We are committed to working with the Board, union leadership and the community to find a viable solution that will lead us to compliance with the State. I do not think anyone wants to eliminate the great programs and resources our students have come to enjoy, but we have a mandate that we cannot ignore to have a balanced budget. Unfortunately, many of the options still on the table will cause tremendous harm to our students, but we are working very hard to reach a common ground.” 

A judge last week announced that a hearing will be held next month so both sides can be heard on the issue.