Cashman Quarantine Center Completed

Staffing And Training Still Needs To Get Done

Mitch Kelly
April 10, 2020 - 6:24 am
Scaffolding for the new Cashman ISO-Q (Isolation-Quarantine) Complex for the homeless, under construction as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, is shown at Cashman Center on March 31, 2020

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

LAS VEGAS, NV (KXNT) - The construction of a temporary facility to house homeless coronavirus patients at Cashman Center is finished, but staffing and training still needs to be done before the center can open.

It was hoped that the Cashman Isolation-Quarantine Complex would be up and running last Monday. The center will house homeless patients that tested positive for COVID-19 but aren't considered to be in bad enough shape to be hosptialized.

A joint statement from both Las Vegas and Clark County reads,

"We were overly optimistic with our original timeline for the opening of the Cashman Isolation-Quarantine Complex (Cashman ISO-Q). This is a multi-million-dollar construction project that will be staffed by more than 100 healthcare professionals, operations staff, security and volunteers to provide around-the-clock care for hundreds of homeless individuals who need to be in isolation or quarantine. To our knowledge, the Cashman ISO-Q Complex is the first preemptive observation care facility for the homeless in the country, meaning it is the first facility created to provide beds and care for those who are well enough to recover at home but who do not have a home to go to. Without this facility those homeless individuals would be on the streets or in homeless shelters, both of which would put our community at risk for increased transmission of the coronavirus.

While we have seen tremendous progress during the past seven days, it took slightly longer than expected to find staff, train them and get them all the protective and other equipment they need"

The center can house up to 350 patients.

In addition to the ISO-Q Center at Cashman, Clark County has entered into the following contracts aimed at easing pressure on local hospitals:

  • Well Care Services - 114 beds for people who need to be in isolation and under the care of medical professionals.
  • CrossRoads of Southern Nevada -  39 beds for people who need to be in isolation and under the care of medical professionals.
  • The Salvation Army - 32 beds for individuals who are over 65 and have underlying medical issues.