Jon Moxley Talks Surprise Phone Call from Steve Austin, Fake Instagram Accounts and 'Batman Versus Ninja Turtles'

See the Full Length Video Interview from the All Elite Wrestling Star's Appearance on KXNT's Flip the Strip

Flip the Strip
June 04, 2019 - 10:21 am

Surprises are fun when you are in on them. Conversation starts to buzz and that is exactly what happened with All Elite Wrestler, Jon Moxley's move from World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). Moxley loves to keep surpises on the down low until reveal. "Loose lips sink ships baby," he says. See what he has to say about his move and the reaction from his peers and fans.


Jon Moxley breaks down what he did in the hours before joining AEW. He kept busy by doing push ups to kill time. 



Perspective and symbolism come into play when wrestling is involved. Wrestler Cody Rhodes smashed the throne with a sledgehammer. "Art is open to interpretation," Moxley says. Fans are figuring out the real meaning behind the smashed throne. There is a fake social media account of Moxley on Instagram and many people follow it. "I might enter the game soon but as of right now, no Instagram," he says. Moxley talks about how he got involved with AEW. Teamwork is what Moxley is about. Hear his thoughts on being a wrestling fan.