Photo Courtesy: USA Today

Easter Spending In Nevada Expected Near Record High

Retail Association Of Nevada Projects Spending To Break $283 Million

April 17, 2019 - 2:19 pm

LAS VEGAS (KXNT) - With Easter arriving this weekend, Nevada consumers are heading into stores and hopping online to prepare celebrations of the popular spring holiday. According to estimates from the Retail Association of Nevada (RAN), Nevadans are projected to spend $283.9 million celebrating Easter this year, just behind last year’s record of $284.2 million.

"Between spring holiday and home improvement spending, Nevada retailers are seeing a strong start to the spring season," said Bryan Wachter, Senior Vice President of RAN. “Expect increased retail sales to continue this week as consumers get ready for this family-focused holiday.”

The spending estimates are based on a recent survey by the National Retail Federation (NRF), which found that 79.0 percent of consumers nationwide plan to celebrate Easter this year. According to the NRF, celebrants will spend an average of $151.25 on holiday items, up slightly from $150.05 a year ago. Total Easter spending nationwide is expected to reach $18.1 billion.

Candy is yet again the most popular spending category, according to the NRF, as 87.0 percent of survey respondents will head to stores. In Nevada, consumers will spend an estimated $39.0 million on delicious chocolate and marshmallow treats to fill their Easter eggs. Food came in a close second in popularity (85.0 percent) with over $90.0 million expected to be spent. Other popular categories include gifts (59.0 percent), clothing (46.0 percent) and greeting cards (46.0 percent), with consumers statewide expected to spend $45.1 million, $51.2 million and $12.2 million on these items, respectively. Decorations (41.0 percent), flowers (38.0 percent) and miscellaneous items (20.0 percent) make up the other major purchases.

The most popular Easter activity continues to be visiting friends and family, with 57.0 percent of celebrants planning to get together, while 54.0 percent of celebrants plan to make a holiday meal. Many celebrants will also attend a church service (49.0 percent), followed by other activities such as watching TV (35.0 percent), planning an Easter egg hunt (32.0 percent), browsing the web (21.0 percent), going to a restaurant (16.0 percent), opening gifts (15.0 percent), shopping online (9.0 percent), shopping in a store (8.0 percent) and going to a movie (7.0 percent).