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Boulder City Police Arrest Three Burglary Suspects

Two Men And A Woman Were Arrested Before Leaving Boulder City Thursday

December 07, 2018 - 3:57 pm

BOULDER CITY, AZ (KXNT) - Three people are in custody and a stolen handgun is off the street after an alert neighbor called police. The suspects – two men and a woman - were arrested before they could get out of Boulder City Thursday. Police believe they may have been stealing from homes and businesses in California and Southern Nevada based on items found in their car.

Two men were seen leaving a house and running through back yards near the 200 block of Wyoming Thursday at 10:55 a.m. An alert neighbor called Boulder City Police to report the situation. The caller described the men and the silver car they left in. Officer Ian Ham was on motorcycle patrol in the area when he saw the car – a Kia with New York registration.

“I followed the car as it drove on Veteran’s Memorial Parkway; I was just south of Boulder City Parkway when other units arrived,” Officer Ham said. “There were no incidents with the people in the car, but the female driver and one of the passengers had conflicting stories about the identity of the third man in the car.”

One of the men in the car was wanted on several misdemeanor warrants. Officer Ham said in a brief search of the car, he saw a loose currency scattered throughout in a variety of denominations, jewelry, and backpacks lined with aluminum foil – a practice often used to conceal items with censors from tripping store alarms. Police also found a Glock handgun that records show as stolen from the Los Angeles area. All three are being held in the Clark County Detention Center.

The Detective Bureau will be submitting for a search warrant and conducting a search of the vehicle and trying to determine if the items recovered are from homeowners in Boulder City or elsewhere. The arrests serve as an excellent reminder for homeowners to stay alert. “We wouldn’t have known to look for that car if it wasn’t for an alert neighbor,’ said Det. Sgt. John Glenn of the Boulder City Police Department. “We are fortunate that residents here watch out for one another. It’s truly rewarding when teamwork between residents and police gets suspects off the streets.”