Becoming a 'Tabloid Junkie' from Michael Jackson One by Cirque du Soleil

In Honor of MJ's 60th Birthday: A Complete Makeup, Wig and Costume Transformation

Flip the Strip
August 29, 2018 - 3:44 pm

In honor of Michael Jackson's 60th Birthday, "Flip the Strip" host Melinda Sheckells went backstage at Michael Jackson One by Cirque du Soleil and was transformed into a character inspired by the "Tabloid Junkies" in the show. With the help of Kerry Lacy, lead wig and makeup technician, and Randy Handley, head of wardrobe, the complete process took more than three hours.

Here are some fun facts about Michael Jackson One:

There are over 60 performers in the show

Half of the artists wear wigs

Every character is responsible for doing their own makeup

They go through three coachings or more and then they are approved—it takes about an hour and a half to 20 minutes depending on skill set

Makeup vendors include MAC, Ben Nye and Make Up For Ever

The inspirstion for the makeup is human meets machine

2000 costumes pieces per show

Each artist has two to three costumes each