Courtesy City of Las Vegas

vegas states its (lower) case: no capital letters on twitter

no capital letters for vegas during the stanley cup finals

May 28, 2018 - 11:18 pm

LAS VEGAS (AP) — This city means business when it comes to hockey and is stating its (lower) case — no capital letters.

In a shot at the Vegas Golden Knights' opponent — the Washington Capitals — city officials are dispensing with capital letters on the official Twitter account.

The city posted a photo-shopped version of the famous Las Vegas sign with all lowercase letters on Friday and the message: "we're serious about #nocaps! #goknightsgo." Since then, the city has been tweeting in all lowercase letters. MGM resorts also joined the push on its Twitter account.

The campaign comes in response to the Washington Capitals' "#ALLCAPS" social media push. The drive to help the city go caps-free was engineered by KXNT's sister station, 98.5 KLUC's "The Chet Buchanan Show."

The expansion Golden Knights have made a startling run to the Stanley Cup Final and host Game 1 on Monday night.