State Supreme Court tosses Trump campaign lawsuit

Republicans claim voter fraud behind Biden win in state

Mitch Kelly
December 09, 2020 - 9:08 am
The Nevada Supreme Court building in Carson City

Jim_Pintar/Getty Images


Las Vegas, NV (KXNT) - The Donald Trump campaign has lost its last legal bid in Nevada to nullify President-elect Joe Biden’s 39,000-vote electoral win in the state. 

The Nevada Supreme Court issued a terse four-page order late Tuesday upholding a state judge’s dismissal last Friday of a contest-of-election case that had aimed to have the Republican president declared the winner in Nevada or to block the state’s six electoral votes from going to Biden. 

The nationwide Electoral College tally is next Monday. 

One justice on the nonpartisan court recused herself, citing her connections with people involved in the appeal. Another justice refused to step aside, despite the Trump camp accusing him of bias for praising the Nevada Secretary of State’s handling of the election.

The state Republican party issued a statement complaining that Trump camp attorneys didn’t get a chance to make oral arguments before the court. It accused the justices of rushing to judgment and failing to adequately consider evidence. 

Attorneys for the state and national Democratic parties defended the vote and Judge James Todd Russell’s 35-page order.

Russell, in Carson City, dismissed the Trump contest-of-election for failing to prove “under any standard” that illegal votes were cast and counted, or that legal votes were not counted.