SNWA approves $3B plan covering pipeline, infrastructure

Water costs to rise starting in 2022

Associated Press
November 20, 2020 - 5:07 am
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LAS VEGAS (AP) — The Southern Nevada Water Authority has unanimously approved an infrastructure plan over $3 billion that will bring higher water bills for customers.

Water costs will increase in 2022 and continue to rise over a six-year period. A typical single family home in the Las Vegas area can expect to pay roughly $10 more per month in 2027 for water than they do in 2020, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported Thursday.

The state said it plans on paying the $3 billion with loans.

The approval includes plans to build a pipeline that will carry water to and from Apex Industrial Park. The projects will cost about $250 million in total and are scheduled to be completed by 2028.

“This is probably the single biggest economic driver that will ever change the direction of North Las Vegas,” North Las Vegas Mayor John Lee, a water authority board member, said during the meeting.

Another plan involves building infrastructure to carry wastewater from the industrial park through more than 40 miles of pipeline, where it will be treated and sent back to Lake Mead. That project is scheduled to be completed in 2027 and will cost approximately $120 million.

“While the overall plan helps ensure Southern Nevada’s current and future water users continue to receive reliable, quality water for decades to come, many of the projects within the plan will help stimulate the local economy and support our community’s economic diversification efforts,” said water authority spokesman Bronson Mack in a statement.

Still another plan involves the creation of a new pipeline in the southern Las Vegas Valley. The project is expected to cost almost $1.6 billion and will create 24 miles of pipeline, two pumping stations and enough space for 40 million gallons of water. 

A further nearly $215 million will be spent on maintaining and upgrading existing infrastructure.