Metro Officers Denied Service At South Valley Restaurant

Restaurant Says The Act Was Done By A Rogue Employee

Associated Press
February 17, 2020 - 9:38 am

Photo Courtesy: Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department


LAS VEGAS (AP) — Two on-duty Las Vegas police officers were refused service at a restaurant during their lunch break but the action by one employee has been disavowed by the business, the police department said.

The corporation that owns the The Lodge at Cactus tells police that the action Thursday by one employee “acting solely on his own” was “unacceptable” and “does not represent the viewpoint of the establishment”.

"An incident occurred on February 13, 2020 where two on-duty LVMPD officers were refused service at The Lodge bar/restaurant when they stopped for lunch. While we consider this behavior unacceptable, we firmly believe that the refusal was an employee acting solely on his own, and it does not represent the viewpoint of the establishment. According to management at The Lodge it welcomes law enforcement at its business. The involved employee has now been suspended from work. The LVMPD has worked hard establishing relationships with its’ business partners in the community and the presence of officers is welcomed by business owners."

The Las Vegas’ Police Protective Association said in a statement that the corporation that owns the restaurant “informed us that the bartender in question is on indefinite suspension facing potential termination.”

The Lodge at Cactus is located on Cactus and Southern Highlands Parkway.