Hundreds March To Protest Mail-In Voting Bill

Protests Took Places At Three Location Around Nevada

Associated Press
August 05, 2020 - 5:06 am
People protest against the passage of a mail-in voting bill during a Nevada Republican party demonstration at the Grant Sawyer State Office Building on August 4, 2020 in Las Vegas, Nevada

Ethan Miller/Getty Images


LAS VEGAS (AP) — A few hundred people in Las Vegas chanted “open up the polls”and “Recall Sisolak” Tuesday as they held signs for President Donald Trump and protested a law signed this week by Gov. Steve Sisolak to mail ballots to all of the state’s active voters ahead of the November election.

The law has drawn criticism from Republicans, most prominently by President Donald Trump, whose reelection campaign filed a lawsuit Tuesday to try to block the law.

The Nevada Republican Party on Tuesday organized the protest outside a outside a state government building in Las Vegas. The party planned similar demonstrations elsewhere Tuesday, including protests in Carson City and Reno.


Nevada is now among eight states that plan to automatically send voters mail ballots this November amid the coronavirus pandemic. 

Trump said at a Monday news conference at the White House that Nevada’s plan was “a disgrace.”