Attorney: Competency In Question In Vegas 'Thrill Killing'

Suspect Charged With Shootings Police Say Were Completely At Random

Associated Press
July 23, 2020 - 5:10 am
Mugshot of murder suspect Noah Green



LAS VEGAS (AP) — A court-appointed attorney raised mental health questions Wednesday about a 21-year-old Las Vegas man accused of recording shooter’s-view cellphone video of what police called the “thrill killing”″ of a sleeping homeless man and wounding of a man walking his dog two days later.

Deputy Special Public Defender Alzora Jackson told a Las Vegas judge she spoke with Noah Green by video from the Clark County jail and met with Green’s parents.

Jackson expressed “concerns” about Green’s competency, or his ability to understand murder and attempted murder charges filed Wednesday against him.

Green did not appear in court. Jackson said he was quarantined at the jail, where he has been held without bail following his arrest last Friday. Police said he had a 9mm hangun in his pocket.

Justice of the Peace Ann Zimmerman set another court date August 12th, allowing time for a mental health evaluation for Green.

Green is accused of killing Brent Lloyd, 48, with a gunshot to the head July 13 on a sidewalk near Decatu and Pennwood, then shooting a man who was out walking his dog in a park near the site of the first shooting two days later. That man is in critical condition.